I was on the receiving end of an Amy's Treat and would like to help someone else feel loved
Amy's Treat Recipient

We Couldn't Do It
Without You…

Amy's Treat thanks our many friends and volunteers who donate their time, mind and talents to assure that some solid footing is laid beneath this non-profit. These are our honorary board members and we owe them our gratitude: the late Rina Johnson, our web site team of Jing, Sean and Jen at LOUD CANVAS MEDIA, Tom Diamond, Jerome Dubois, Jim Civiello, Dianne Thompson, Michael DeCastro, Evie and Roger, Lee Hoginski, Sheila White, Robin West, Pattie Frizzle, Alice Tansey, Bert Dubois, Kristen Rhode, Elizabeth DeCastro, Will, Matt, Jon and Paul, our amazing auctioneer Kathy Kingston, Ron Sparks, Anna Lagassie, Julia Gaudet, Rob O'Neill, Kristen Witham, Mandi Rudy, Will Baillargeon, Danielle Losier, Melanie and Mike Ashcroft, Rene Cardinal, Angela Ferris, Caren Peloso, Jen McGlone, Robyn Friedman, Steve Goren, Bernadette Norton, Pierre LaTourette and his boys, - and this list continues to grow…

We also would not be where we are today without the valuable contributions of our former Board Members: Janice Himle, Kelly Donohue, and Linda Urban. We are better organization because of them.

Joe and MK at John Lester's no-hitter - a memorable night compliments of Amy's Treat"

Amy's Treat in the News
Rachel Shafman speaks with seacoastonline.com

Rachel Shafman, left, and Dr. Barbara Shea of the Seacoast Cancer Center at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover helped organize Amy's Treat. Amy's Treat was created to provide solutions to the day-to-day difficulties of living with cancer and to offer unexpected “treats” to renew the spirit. Photo by Scott Yates: syates@seacoastonline.com

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Amy's Treat is pleased to announce a special acknowledgement by the Boston Celtics' “Heroes Among Us” program.

In December, 2008 Amy's daughter and Amy's Treat Executive Director, Rachel Shafman stood center court with the Boston Celtics to receive the Heroes Among Us award.

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Our Mission and Vision

Amy's Treat is dedicated to providing solutions to the day-to-day difficulties of living with cancer and offers unexpected "treats" to renew the spirit.

Amy's Treat was created in December 2007 as a legacy foundation in honor and loving memory of Amy Maliszewski to benefit the patients of the Seacoast Cancer Center of New Hampshire. Whether supplying box seats to a Red Sox game, offering a quiet getaway to a lovely inn or presenting a gas card to help take the sting out of getting to treatment, Amy's Treat has touched the lives of hundreds of individuals living with cancer. This unique collaboration between a cancer center and a community is fueled by the all volunteer staff that make up Amy's Treat.

The success of Amy's Treat is only possible through the generosity of so many. By offering up their season tickets, providing dinner at their restaurant, gifting a full range of spa services, volunteering to clean a house, furnishing free eye exams, donating a spot at a French Country Cooking class or slipping a check into an envelope (to name only a few), Amy's Treat is a neighbor rising up in support of a neighbor.

“We can't imagine a day when there wasn't an Amy's Treat at the Seacoast Cancer Center”
— Alice Tansey RN BSN Clinical Coordinator Medical Oncology

How Amy's Treat Works

In essence, Amy's Treat acts as a conduit between the donor and the individual with cancer. With some charities, a donation may be diverted to areas other than what the donor intended. A contribution to Amy's Treat ends up exactly where the donor meant it to be; in the hands of those who need it most. When asked to meet a specific request, Amy's Treat works tirelessly to fill it, calling on a wide network of supporters and other-like minded organizations whose primary goal is to provide assistance to those living with cancer.

How You Can Help

Amy's Treat is currently accepting online donations at www.FirstGiving.com. You can also make a donation by regular mail by sending a check or money order made payable to Amy's Treat at:

Amy's Treat
P.O. Box 2234
Dover, NH 03821

Your tax-deductible contribution is deeply appreciated.
For more information, please contact us.


Board of Directors

Amy's Treat Co-Founders Rachel (Shafman) O'Neill and Lenore Rogers

RACHEL O'NEILL, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR — Rachel (shown left) is Amy's daughter and lives with her husband Rob in Dedham, MA. Sharing a home with the newlyweds is their cat, Jackson, and their latest addition, a puppy named Mac. Rachel works as an Senior Account Executive for Retail First.
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LENORE ROGERS, PRESIDENT — When not working to expand the services of Amy's Treat, Lenore is employed as a Regional Sales Manager for Shaheen Bros., Inc. of Amesbury, MA. She shares her home with two adored shelter finds that go by the names of Willa and Caleb. She continues to parent Rachel — or at least Rachel allows her to think so.
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BARBARA (SHEA) CIVIELLO, M.D. — is a Medical Oncologist at The Seacoast Cancer Center and lives in Dover, NH with her husband Jim. Other members of the Civiello household include their cat Maya and Nettie, a recent canine addition that is Jim's Mother's dog. Amy gave Barbara the "Kill Bill" nickname of Nola Basher for her tenacious approach to cancer treatment.
Learn about Dr. Shea's 2009 NE Patriots Community MVP Award

ROBIN LUCZEK — The success of Amy's Treat is rooted in the empathy that Robin has for the patients of the Seacoast Cancer Center. As the Patient Care Coordinator, she employs a creative and steadfast approach to accomplish the impossible in order to fulfill the needs of her patients. Robin makes her home in Lee, NH where her pride and joy is her three boys: Ryan, Griffin and Brady, and their beautiful labs, Maddy and Miley!
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LYDIA WATTS, Esq. — As the foundation's attorney, Lydia brings enormous non-profit experience and success to Amy's Treat. She makes her home in Washington, DC.
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MICHAEL MESERVE — Michael makes his home in Portsmouth. When not gardening or expanding his culinary arts, he works as a Radiation Therapist at the Seacoast Cancer Center. He shares his home with his partner John, and their two Airedales, Liam and Lucas.
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LAURA KELLY — Laura is a nurse at the Seacoast Cancer Center and has been an oncology nurse for twenty eight years. She lives in Stratham, NH with her husband Paul, sons Reggie (currently overseas in the Navy) and Ryan, and their slightly psychotic Jack Russell, Lucy.

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The Seacoast Cancer Center

The Seacoast Cancer Center at Wentworth Douglass Hospital offers a comprehensive program of radiation and medical oncology services. Yet it is more than that. At its heart is a team of dedicated nurses and skilled oncologists who know that true patient care is about more than just prescribing the right combination of drugs, it is about creating a culture that fosters a considerate and inclusive approach to cancer treatment. Amy chose the Seacoast Cancer Center as the place to wage battle against her disease because of this combination of outstanding medical care and personalized approach to treatment.


The Friends of Amy’s Treat was created to assist the organization by coming together as a group to help achieve the organization’s fiscal objectives and goals by:

  1. Expanding the impact of Amy’s Treat through greater community outreach
  2. Discussing ideas to construct successful fundraising activities
  3. Offering expertise either through opinions or actions to help create a more efficient organization

The Friends of Amy’s Treat is made up of members of the community who have a strong commitment to the work of Amy’s Treat, is willing to take the time to help, and has passion and/or extensive contacts/presence in the community who would welcome the opportunity to learn about Amy’s Treat.

Jim Civiello

Jim is married to Dr. Barbara Civiello, Oncologist at Wentworth Douglas Hospital, and they have both been involved with Amy's Treat from the beginning. Jim is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who works at the Seacoast Learning Collaborative, an alternative school in Brentwood, NH. In addition to providing Amy’s Treat with many beneficial suggestions, Jim helps out by checking and collecting the mail for Amy's Treat and logging all donations and assigning thank you notes to be written. Jim also monitors the First Giving website and logs any web donations.

Steve Goren

Steve retired in 2010 after ten years as Membership Director at the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce. Prior to that Steve and his wife Lorraine operated Farnham's, a downtown Dover landmark. They were named Dover's Citizens of the Year in 1997. After Lorraine's death from Ovarian Cancer in 2009, Steve, realizing the importance Amy's Treat has in the overall well-being of cancer patients, joined Amy's Treat as a volunteer. Steve was instrumental in building Lorraine's Corner, our meditative healing garden in Dover. Included in his many roles at Amy's Treat, he helped to develop, implement and now oversees our Amy's Elves program that helps to bring “Toys and Treat” to families during the holiday season.