Because of “Amy’s Treat” I talk about Amy so frequently that it helps me feel that she is still with us.

I think one thing that made Amy so special to me was her refusal to be defined by her illness. She never became emotionally consumed by her disease, as often happens. She discussed whatever new problems needed attention, but then moved on to the things that REALLY interested her…a great new restaurant, a good bottle of wine, or a riveting book.

Her favorite topic, of course, was Rachel. Even in that last weeks and days of her life, just the mention of Rachel’s name could make her light up like a Christmas tree. Since we both had daughters graduating from college at the same, talking about “our girls” was a favorite diversion from the day-to-day grind of cancer treatment. She was always grateful for both Rachel and Lenore, and for her life.

—Betsy Johnson, RN Seacoast Cancer Center

Nurse, Betsy Johnson with her husband