Appreciations to Amy’s Treat

Dear Amy’s Treat,

This gift is in memory of my beloved husband, Dave. Only once during his entire illness did I see him overcome with emotion. That was when he opened the card containing Amy’s Treat gifts. The power of kindness was overwhelming. It is my hope that through his spirit others will be touched in this heartfelt way.

With Love & Gratitude,

Dear Lenore, Rachel, Barbara, Cecile, Robin, Lydia, Michael and Laura,

Thank you all for the trip to MFA & Polcari’s. It will stay with me for a very long time. From the very beginning of the day, I was so touched to receive the Rina’s Respite button from Lenore and for the great send off. The ride was lovely – spring was in full bloom in Boston.

The Chihuly exhibit at the museum was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I stepped into a world of exquisite beauty that moved me to tears & truly brighten my life.

We were treated like guests of honor at Polcari’s. They were very welcoming and accommodating. The meal was delicious. We also had a chance to get to know each other a little better. We’re all still talking about it and still savoring the day.

Thank you again for enriching so many lives. I’m deeply grateful.

May all blessings be yours.

Denise Connors

Dear Board,

I have recently been chosen to receive two Red Sox game tickets as a treat from Amy. Although the game got rained out x2, they managed to finish the game with a win. My husband and I got soaked in the rain that day as we walked to the subway. We couldn’t remember when the last time we walked in the rain, so we just kept on to the North End for a fine dinner and then got wet some more and just enjoyed the moments.

The seats were great and I really thank you for the opportunity to make new memories.

Keep up the good work.

Jackie L

Dear Amy’s Treat,

I was the lucky recipient of the Red Sox tickets (8/27) you so generously donated to the Cancer Center. I want to thank you for your generous gift. Myself and my 10 year old daughter are huge fans and we enjoyed the game very much. (Yes, they won!) What you gave me were not just two great tickets. This disease caused us to cancel our summer vacation and many other family activities that normally make our summer fun. You gave us an adventure and a fun day in Boston, to a great kid who has otherwise had a boring summer vacation. She starts each day by making me my ‘shake’ and getting me up and eating. She has unselfishly given much of her time helping me and keeping me company while my wife is at work. We are very close and it was great to forget everything for the day, jump on the train and enjoy a day at the ball park. It is a memory neither of us will forget!

Thank you!

Dear Staff of Amy’s Treat

Earlier this month, I was transported to the Yawkey Center in Boston by Michael for a very important medical appointment. Thank you so kindly for relieving me of any concerns about my journey there and back so that I could focus my energy on my health.

My ride was a lot more than comfortable and punctual – Michael is an absolute gem of a human being, and happily I felt well enough that day to enjoy pleasant and edifying conversation with this very kind, good-humored individual.

Overall, I felt very lucky to be a recipient of the generous services which Amy’s Treat gives to the community. You made me feel well cared for.

Thank you.


Dear Amy’s Treat,

Your generosity overwhelmed me during a recent visit to the Seacoast Cancer Center. I’m so grateful for the gift cards I was given to purchase medicine and items of need. Thank you again for your organizations kindness, support and thoughtfulness. My family and I are very appreciative and hope we can give back in some way to help others soon.

Patricia Messler

I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s visit to see “A Christmas Carol” at the Repertory Theater in Portsmouth. We went as a group from The Works Cancer Recovery Program and each one of us had a fantastically wonderful time. The show was superb and included lunch at Flatbread’s. The pizza was great! At this time of year, it was a special treat and reminded us all of what Christmas is all about. Your organization deserves more praise than I can put into words and I thank you from my heart!

Leu Schulman

Dear Amy’s Treat,

I was so surprised when the Seacoast Cancer Center selected me to receive the Patriots tickets that you donated. My husband and I attended the game and what a wonderful experience it was. I am a long time Patriots fan and had never attended a game in the new stadium. I just wanted to thank you for this magical night. Go PATS!

Lydia – I can tell you what Amy’s Treat has meant to me. It has been a God send. I now have a ride to my Boston appointments and not have to worry how I am getting down there and back safely. I used to take the bus or train and then cabs when I got in the city.

Having Michael bring me down and back is so wonderful. When I get in the Van, especially to come home, I can relax. I feel very safe with Michael. He is a great driver and very calm in all that traffic.

Money is also an issue. I no longer am able to work and it can get expensive with cabs and all for my trips down there. I appreciate the help so much that I wouldn’t know how to tell you. Thank you so very much.


Dear Ms. Shafman and members of the board of Amy’s Treat – enclosed please find a donation of 150.00 to your very worthy organization. This donation is being made by my fiancé, Michael Lavoie and me in lieu of wedding favors for our upcoming wedding on September 19, 2009. My Mom was an oncology nurse at WDH for many years and my father is a lymphoma survivor who received his treatment at WDH and both marveled at the positive effect your program had on the local cancer patients. Thank you!

Dear Amy’s Treat,

Thank you so much for the chance to see a Red Sox game prior to my surgery. It was a great distraction for my husband and I. The flowers after surgery were beautiful. I always knew what great things you had accomplished, not realizing I would be a recipient. Continue your great works.

Dear Amy’s Treat,

I don’t know where to begin to thank you for the all that you’ve done. We were both overwhelmed with your generosity and speechless. What a wonderful surprise and a tribute to Amy – she must have been smiling. You have made a difficult situation easier for us, and you are all earth Angels. We will never forget your kindness.

Amy’s Treat,

We would like to thank Dr. Barbara Civiello for making arrangements with Amy’s Treat to provide transportation for us to MGH so Roger could participate in their Clinical Trials Program.

Words cannot express how much you have helped us. The stress of driving to Boston and having to endure some twelve hour days would have been intolerable without the help of our compassionate and caring driver, Michael.

We are enclosing a donation for all you have done for us and will continue to help Amy’s Treat in the future.

Roger and Elaine Needham

Dear Amy’s Treat,

Just a note to say thank you for coming to our aid when it was badly needed – we really value help more now than ever…. were it not for our family and people like ‘Amy’s Treat’ I don’t know where we’d be. We’ll try in our own small ways to ‘pay it forward’ to others.

Dear Amy’s Treat,

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Amy’s Treat and all of the folks at the Seacoast Cancer Center. It’s been over three years now since my last treatment…my health is good, and I feel blessed.

Just prior to my first treatment in 2008, Amy’s Treat made possible for one of my daughters, Talia and I to attend a Celtic-Pistons playoff game in Boston

It’s difficult to break the news to your child upon being diagnosed… I found it personally painful no matter what age they are to burden them with such thoughts. Thank you for letting us spend this special time together. I wanted you to have this photograph from that night.


Dear Laura,Candace, Tracey and the Amy’s Treat organization.

As if receiving your wonderful care and support at the WDH Cancer Center isn’t enough, you have also showered me with gifts! Thank You!

My Husband and I enjoyed a lovely musical evening at The Boston Pops in Manchester last Saturday. We sang, held hands and were transformed by the music! It was such a great night.

I also was gifted a certificate at Jewelry Creations which helped me to fulfill my love of Pandora charms. Your generosity is humbling and thoughtfulness inspiring. Amy must have been a truly wonderful person. Her spirit lives on in me and my family in the form of your gifts.

We can’t thank you enough.


To Amy’s Treat

I have stage 4 cancer and going downhill slowly. I tell you this so that you understand that my words are truth and not social etiquette. I have lived a simple life having 5 daughters and caring for them all that I can. I have never had power toys, travel or special events in my life just children. These Amy’s treats are really special to me. I have never in life done any of the treats that Amy’s treats have given me. They have all been unique experiences and I thank you with all my heart. This flower show and Legal Seafood’s meal has really overwhelmed me. Amy’s treats generosity and volunteer makeup is the height of Love. Please thank the Board and all the giving people connected for all that they have done.

Dear Friends –

I will never be able to find the right words to express how grateful I am to Amy’s Treat for providing transpiration to and from Mass. General Hospital for a consultation. When Dr. Civiello mentioned that she would like to me to see Dr.Abramson in person in Boston, my heart sank. The thought of confronting downtown Boston traffic on a busy week day afternoon seemed overwhelming. Then Dr. Civiello mentioned Amy’s Treat and the kind help you offer, and it seemed a prayer I didn’t even know I had uttered was being answered. Because of that trip last Wednesday I felt a sense of optimism that Dr. Abramson and Dr. Civiello, working together, will find a way to bring my lymphoma into remission in the treatment scheduled to begin this coming Tuesday. And for the part Amy’s Treat had bringing all this about, thank you, thank you, thank you….

Sincerely ….

Dear Ms. Rogers,

Your kind email was shared with me by Gary Brown our SVP of Operations in the New England area. I was humbled and pleased to hear that the Olive Garden team in Newington, NH responded to your request to help Jesse and Emily celebrate their wedding. We are honored the Howard’s chose our restaurant for such an important occasion. Amy’s Treat provides a wonderful service providing solutions to the day to day difficulties of living with cancer. It is amazing how every small kindness makes a huge difference in the lives of those struggling with an illness and I commend the important work you do….

John Caron – CEO – Olive Garden