rachel_amy_01My Mother…

…lived forty seven years, one month and seventeen days on this planet and in all of that time, I am certain she never felt sorry for herself.

When she was diagnosed and then told that her disease was without cure, she cried a bit and then did not look back, never once wasting a moment that could be better spent laughing.

In her life and through the process of her dying, she taught me a great many things: the realization that although love may not always heal; it sustains, that joy is not only the province of the well; and that simple acts of kindness need to be passed on, thereby becoming contagious.

amy_canoeShe once said, before sitting down to an incredible meal in a beautiful spot, surrounded by family and friends, “Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone with cancer could have a day like this.”

With that in mind, I helped create Amy’s Treat to offer memorable days and much needed solutions. I am so very grateful for all the many acts of kindness that has allowed Amy’s Treat to flourish and for the difference it will allow us to make in the lives of those still living with cancer.

amy2Rachel O’Neill
Executive Director